Factories of the Future Awards

8-10 APRIL 2025 | Fira Barcelona - Gran Vía

We reward the work and excellence in the manufacturing industry


The Factories of the Future Awards is the competition that convenes and recognises the most innovative projects in the manufacturing industry. It is a competition that rewards the work and effort in the transformation of our industry, with a commitment to digitisation and sustainability. Those companies, research centres and professionals who have been able to adapt to the new Industry 4.0 and who are demonstrating their innovative character will be the winners of these awards.


Categories to award:

A. Leadership in industrial plant transformation towards his digitization

This category is intended to recognize companies that have made a transformation of their processes incorporating digitization and 4.0 technologies (cybersecurity, digital twin, IoT, industrial cloud, data analytics, automation …) in their operations or management areas.
The measures presented to the prizes must be implemented before the closing date of the candidatures.

B. Best Industrial Industrial Equipment or System for the Factory of the Future

The Best Industrial Industrial Equipment or System for the Factory of the Future award recognizes those supplier solutions that allow the implementation of advanced machinery or innovative systems that incorporate digitization and automation in industries as a key element for the competitiveness of client companies. It will be an essential requirement that the products or services are already implemented in at least two companies at the closing date of applications.

C. Most sustainable manufacturing system

This category is intended to reward the development of machining, forming or metal transformation equipment with low consumption and emissions, aiming at the radical reduction of energy use through the implementation of technologies such as recovery, synchronous motors, start & stop, automation, sensorics, Machine Learning… The equipment and machine tools candidates are called to eradicate the emission of effluents through dry working, with a view to minimizing the loss of lubricants or generation of condensates to the atmosphere. The category is open to systems based on additive technology. In all cases, a human-machine interaction that prioritizes the safety and integrity of the operators in charge of the system, favoring an agile intervention (assistants, data visualization) will be valued. Finally, the ability to manufacture without deviations/defects, avoiding waste of resources will be the fourth axis of the evaluation of candidates.

D. Most disruptive startup in the industrial sector

The award for the most disruptive Startup in the industrial field is intended to recognize newly created companies and entrepreneurial projects with a track record of less than 4 years with a value proposition in the industrial field and manufacturing technologies. The award goes to both industrial solution providers and manufacturing and manufacturing companies.

E. Best research and development of artificial intelligence applied in industrial plants

This category is intended for developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in industrial and production processes. Projects that visualize the transformative impact of the use of natural language processing technologies and machine learning in cross-cutting areas such as computer vision, maintenance, assistants, contactless solutions will be evaluated. Its combination with process robotization solutions (RPA) will also be valued.
The scale of the project includes industrial implementations, pilots and proofs of concept.
In the application, the start date and end date must be mentioned.

F. Best Robotics Project

Those robotics projects in SMEs or large industrial corporations concerned about the automation of their production processes may be presented in this candidacy. Projects focused on the field of innovation, research and development (R + D + I) between industrial companies, technology centers or robotics manufacturers may also be presented. Those projects for industrial robotics or collaborative robotics solutions that have been carried out in the production lines through integration systems will also be taken into consideration.

G. Award for Excellence in sustainability, industrial eco-development and circular economy

This category is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. It is aimed to recognise the best projects on industrial sustainability. We are looking forward to those initiatives and solutions that promote the development of more efficient and sustainable production processes, optimisation of the product life cycle, recyclability and reuse of waste. Solutions that favour decarbonisation, the reduction of the carbon footprint of the final product and its production process, as well as those projects that promote relocation and favour production in local environments may also be presented.